Monday, 14 September 2009

One (-is the loneliest?) (-21 Guns?)(-more time?)

{jake tucker, who makes promises he cannot keep, has, in the utmost hypocrisy, bugged ME to write something. yes. JAKE bugged ME. we won't speak of recent events, we will simply move forward with grace and style}

Mixtape Piece # 1 out of 734

Female voice through the speakers on a tuesday afternoon,
over sharp, loping guitars, a narrative style to kill for
laced with snarky affection

and I, sitting on my bed,
trying to eek out something on my
sketchpad, I think

"man, if a girl ever put this on a mix for me
well, that would be the day--"

then I remembered
I didn't make this mix, you did.
as the song ended
i realised this is possibly
as good as it gets.


Kat said...

What was the song?

graham said...

In the West-- Songs For Moms. Amongst one or two others on the same cd.

Friday said...

I miss your face and your poetry, dude. FYI