Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Feb '11/this ends here/has ended/trouble with tenses.

Things that I realized/did/experienced in February that were not related to readings, as such:

1) starting a blog post and getting distracted and starting it up again twenty minutes later is a good way to forget all your awesome ideas.

2) sitting on the floor in the middle of your living room, trying to write things (of any nature) while the universe and your family cavorts around you is less than optimal. the reason this sitting occurs in this place is because of the necessity of physical wires for the internet.

3) roy williams is capable of high levels of support, fun-having, charm and unobrusivity, all at once.

4) my dad know everything about seattle's history and still wants to learn the new stuff ("why don't we swing through georgetown-- where exactly is all the stuff supposed to be happening there?")

5) planning for a class that you are going to teach requires actually planning for a class you are going to teach.

6) having a cute new baby around means people bring your sister food, which you can steal.

7) a broken phone screen is a pain at first, but then, liberating.

8) lists are the lowest form of communication.

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