Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Raging gracefully

I have, upon much consideration, changed the title of this blog to one that didn't involve a pun about corpse-fucking. I'm not sold on "thats no way to make friends" as a blog title, but I like it as the title of SOMETHING, so here it is for now.

The new Nacho Picasso record is even better than the last two, and it all moves a little bit tighter. If you see me wandering around hillman, lake city muttering kicking down windows, high on cocaine! you can blame Seattle's burgeoning prominence on the national hip hop scene, and remember that singing it is probably better than doing it.

Feeling angry? Unsatisfied with the current level of critical discourse? Witness the usual mix of incisive verbosity and lowbrow brutality in Andrew Falkous' evisceration of a music reviewer. Granted, Falco is (as usual) a little bit tough on the lad-- it's a thankless job, I know-- but by and large he had it coming.


Aaron Burkhalter said...

What is it about horrible Pitchfork reviews that make me want to run out and buy the album immediately?

Friday said...

I love the new title. It suits you quite proportionately.

graham said...

aaron-- I get the same way sometimes. Maybe it's the near-monopoly on certain types of 'heads?

courtney-- thank you. I like it too, increasingly.

Ryan A. Johnson said...

the misanthropic monopoly of nubile nobility