Thursday, 6 April 2017

6/30: 40th and Edgeward

if not for the steel and railings
would all those cars just swerve
into Lake Union on the rainy days?

the slush of wipers, daily driving
like the treadmill pull of car wash
visuals on hold, panic, take the wheel.

if not for the high barrier spikes
Aurora would still hold suicide capital,
with it's long, cold drop,

and high walkability score. if you
want to plummet off I-5, you'd
need to steer into the void, end up

crunched in concrete. some could
try it. those cross-country trucks,
those eighteen wheelers, every

time they roll pass, a low quake
in this house beneath the bridge,
the angle not quite sharp enough

to quell windstorm thoughts of
getting crushed beneath freight as I
lay in bed rainwatching,

the trucks that break through freeway barriers
to plummet, spinning, and cave this roof
and end this speculation.

1 comment:

Shane Guthrie said...

Ooh. I love the image of looking up through a window at the rain and a semi truck coming down from the high bridge.