Thursday, 28 May 2009

Everything must run its course.

Today I went to Jen and Keiran's and Jen was like "let's get you a plane ticket." So a ticket is gotten. Summer prices are a bitch, but that's life. Second week of July I fly back to the States, meaning now that the next month+ will probably run by in a montage-like series of images, events and people while MGMT and possibly the Arcade Fire play in the background of every waking thought.

Big emotions, dude. Here's more sweet jams, varying levels of relevance to how I'm feeling these days.

these guys played Swansea yesterday and I missed it. I know. Part of the problem.

you and me both, Scott. . .

I'll bet these women are really nice grandmothers now who make doilies and have no idea they're in a sweet detroit rapper's video.