Tuesday, 16 April 2013

#14: Mean Grill. #15: Pilsen Day One

meangrill fried-- monster breath intakes-- train squeals-- sobs-- red curtains green-- candles-- old hugs-- loud joke-- glasses-- tired hotdog-- kale jokes now-- wise beards bristle-- pinot shakes-- bartender metal-- we-- return-- don't laugh-- green-- last-- mill-- poem-- we remember-- wide mirrors-- divided by street-- we arrive-- use as segue-- we started-- nothing-- put-- in a trap-- dumb song loud-- trap set what?-- the the the-- new old new-- stools stacked jazz-- a trinity-- we-- fried bits of liquor-- who? -- wordswordswordswordswords

Pilsen Day One The three mannequins forming an alternate
internal skyline.
the one with blue hair, no pants,
one with
rainbow tits, no head,
one with a
monkey head, offsetting serious architecture.
Speakers. Bookshelves. Gloved marimba.

A German Shepherd bounds
down outdoor stairs.
We talk and talk and talk
and get tacos. That fall
all over our clothes.

After the library, a line at the triangle light.
Harrison Ford is filming a chase scene.
No one can cross.

Crooked crooked sidewalk cracks.

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