Thursday, 4 April 2013

#4 Parks and

After a year and change in Rainier Beach, I'd still not gone to Kubota Gardens,
three and a half plus in the South End and not seen some crowning jewels.
So I told myself I wouldn't miss out, living right on the Cheasty Greenspace,
take my feet up and sit on logs above moss looking like it was designed
for Kermit, establishing shots of the idyllic. The drip of dew and scampering
of squirrels.
In Hitts Hill, things are too secret for the idyllic, a park
I'd not known about until a lunch break trot with Greg,
a park where Jason, mason jars full of rum, led
an orchestra of shouts until our lighters burnt out. So green,
so similar, but the ease of daytime walks
depends so much on context.

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