Monday, 19 November 2007

you were right about the end; I don't think it's gonna rain

this afternoon I set out to write a brief, pithy comment on the sort of posters one finds at a college poster sale. it turned into a multi-tiered epic sprawling all accross the front of my myspace.

which tells me I need to write blogs sometimes; I need an outlet. As I suspected when I got it, this blogspot may end up being just that. because while I've got other outlets for sure, the number of people who read them that I actually want to know about my life any more is disproportionate to the amount of people I'd like to keep in touch with.
* * * * * *

speaking of people I'd like to keep in touch with, Anna Weeks' last night in town tonight. She decided Uni's not for her and she's heading back to Bournemouth (about four hours awayish, south england). While prior to her decision she was already my closest friend here, in the last two weeks we got involved. Obviously, knowing something's gonna end gives it it's own sort of safety (let's talk about safety and graham some other time) but also made the entire thing feel like a weeklong goodbye. It feels like I'm starting over (again) tommorrow.
She said it herself: "It does sort of get a bit 'we'll always have Swansea,' dunnit?"

kinda feels like I did six months in a weeks' time and damnitfuckinghell I am tired.