Friday, 28 December 2018

Don't talk much/too much to say

Haven't been posting here as much, haven't been saying as much here. Partly because I've been saying it elsewhere, and partly because I've not been saying it at all, or saying it too much, to too many people, in too many contexts.

Still, there'll be a year-end post, as there always is, in some fashion, because old habits die hard.

I really want there to be a Die-Hard/Sister Act crossover joke in there but I am too lazy to make it. Now the punchline is smirking in your brain.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Piano Manatee Ball Championship

Fuck You, Billy Joel

Last time you were in the kind of bar you
sing about, it was still classy, and fun,
and you were there with your wife
and the drinks were free
and don’t try to tell me about lonely,
I will invent it for you
brand new and bloody
right before I break your fucking fingers.