Wednesday, 19 December 2007

put you in a picture, show you what I mean

the thing about taking pictures these days is that people are accustomed to digital cameras and being able to instantly flip through and delete, save or adjust, find them on facebook later that night. which is why most of the pictures I've taken recently have been of or at historic sights, beaches, especially bright afternoons or painfully rainy nights. I've a wry suspicon that at the end of my stay at uni, most of the pics I'll have will have a lot more to do with the exceptions than the rules. Because you take out a disposable camera and people get awkward, knowing they won't have the immediate-delete option. Or you can wait til they've knocked a couple back and will pose immediately. . . but then drinking isn't something I want to overreperesent, Lord knows it don't need the help.

which is why my roll of film from scotland is a bit disappointing; not enough people. after a while, pictures of buildings are just pictures of buildings.

when I wrangle campus computers into submission, I'll get a few of those up here

<--- this is the view from my room, mid morning, circa late november. it's a good view, with or without the beer can, and more and more I'm feeling like when you have a good view, it may actually be better not to share it. at least with a bed as small as mine is these days.

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liralen said...

not sharing views is the best way to remember them.