Friday, 18 July 2008

Carmarthen Train # 1

Sheep like white dots on some sort of great
green blanket eat calmly like they know our
photographs depend on it.
These hills are inviting but never built for
tourists, the sides are slick today with
rain that shakes off any hangers on who
got past that castle other side of the water.

The train feels slow today, passing those
square-cut hedges, reminding me
to remind myself
I am a visitor.

Courtney sits accross from a woman
with glasses in friendly conversation.
Everyone on this train has looked
at each other at least once. Soon
Courtney will be on a long flight back
to the states, she is saying she'll miss it.

"Stay somewhere long enough and it becomes
a part of you."

I wonder if this is applicable to photographs
taken from train windows.
The teenage girls accross the aisle start
dancing to invisible music as we pull into
a town I've never been before and
isn't that what I'm after, always?

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