Sunday, 21 June 2009

Cymru Mini-Tour Gig Roundup

A show in Swansea and a show in Cardiff doesn't constitute a Cymru tour any more than a show in, say New York and Boston constitutes a "US Tour," but a guy can pretend.

June 18th @ The Crunch

Zombies and Paint Thinner
Swansea-Cardiff Blues (bellingham edition)
Rugby '08
Poetry Open Mics
Like Taking Communion
Little Red Corvette
Ambition is Critical (swansea edition)
Camarthen Train #1
Get Smart

Psychotronic Beastfight

This being the last Crunch I'd be able to attend, it was supermeaningful to me and I had to avoid a choke-up a couple of times. Adam was excellent and natural hosting, making it feel a seamless tradition. Highlights in the open mic were many, but Wood's anti-dan brown rant, Punk John's Rollins-from-south-london turn and Jess' written on the night thing all spring to mind. So yeah. All my best friends kicked ass. Couldn't have asked for a better or more supportive reception. Wood got most of it on tape, but mercifully the camera died before I decided to trot out Beastfight and like, the doom-nostrils and all.

June 19th @ O'Neil's in Cardiff
Amerika! Reading
with Mab Jones, Mao Jones.

Paintings of Famous Satanists
Feel the Buzz (Cardiff edition)
Neo Takes the Blue Pill
Story Problem

This was a gig of america-themed poetry, and I got the gig mainly because I've got that flat accent (still.) That and Mab, who organised it, knew of my impending departure and was good enough to get me on in Cardiff before I went. I think I went down pretty well, despite my oppressive-overlord status (ha) and while the books didn't hardly fly off the stand, at Mab's hard-sell encouragement I was able to coax/guilt/flirt the books into the hands of more than a few folks.

Stayed with Gemma Howell and her bf in Cathays and jumped a coach to London around mid-day. Its much harder to 1) sleep 2) write on a coach than a train. But its so much cheaper. I wish my laziness/trainfondness hadn't prevented me from exploiting that fact about the greyhounds of the UK earlier. Oh well. Now I know.

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Jake Tucker said...

Dude an type of tour rules. Also I'm excited that you have not lost your accent.