Monday, 9 August 2010

10 pounds of clothes.

and the inevitable futility of resale in today's economy.

goodwill outlet sells piles of clothes by the pound. $1.50 per pound! So I got a sweet idea to buy a bunch and sell them back to Seattle's many vintagey/second hand stores and be swimming in the riches that have, to this day, eluded me.

So I got 10 pounds of clothes at about $17. To make it worth my money and effort, I'd need to make $20. So far, I have not.

I went to Crossroads (Cap Hill) and they purchased four items coming to a total of $11.80. I then went to Red Light (accross the street from Cap Hill) and they bought no items for a total of no dollars. There are a few things I attribute this drought to:

1 and most likely) I'm not likely that good a judge of what stores will buy. 'specially in women's clothes.
1.5) Also, I thought they'd be buying for fall by now. But both stores are still in Summer Mode. Which means the Perfectly Good and Fashionable Coat, not so much.

i'm guessing I'll take the rest to Buffalo Exchange in about a month and a half when it's solidly Fall and hope to make about ten bucks so I don't feel such a loss. Otherwise I'll just donate to the charity down the street and debate in my head if I want to go back to the Outlet and try to be more discerning, or if perhaps this is simply not my way to make money.

In other news: Cameron and Austin are here from Va and that is the funz.

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