Monday, 4 April 2011

Last of the Coffee/Bad Place to Live on a Roof (4/30)

Not sold on either of these, but it's what I got for today.

Last of the Year Old Coffee Beans

All the tea is flower-flavored
a few stray beans claim the counter
but the bag is empty.

Without it, there is no where for the contemplative to go.
Watching the flat-roofs of the complex downhill
swamp up with your town's famous drizzle
becomes a day's worth.

Morning and afternoon are the same angry,
sunday-funnies nag, rolling pin in hand,
arms crossed.

The trip to the corner store for refills
is, in and of itself, a triumph.
Seattle is a Bad Place to Live on a Roof

But the gardens are so green,
and the fruits so rich and lush
and the misty skies made for contemplation.

Harold doesn't need a watering can.
His favorite R.E.M. album is Life's Rich Pageant.
He lives in a house made entirely of glass
and wood and occasional steel, for effect,
raised and situated between other houses,
stacked upon eachother and shrank and
given new names.
There must be some sort of way
to solve the world's problems
while keeping the soundtrack tasteful
and hands clean.

It is a beautiful thing, to stare into the sky, eyes open
with each individual drop careening toward you,
the lone april robin on the wire, shifting it's view
towards all the rain and puddles and you,
lying their on your rooftop home
you got for such a good deal.

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