Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Interview!

In all it's rambling glory: Here's that Interview with Paul Nelson. I'd take a second pass at a few of the more complex questions of faith and politics, but there ya go.

In specifics, w/regards to Bradley/Chelsea Manning (this was prior to the announcement, the interview) what I was trying to get at had more to do with the inequities in punishments for different types of crimes; I don't believe Manning is a traitor, but I'd admit I've not followed the case closely enough (nor do I know enough about Military Intelligence and procedures for reporting abuse) to wholeheartedly get on a Free Manning kick.
There's too much going on there.

Anyway, I was stoked to do the interview, which will be released to the world in a serialized five piece format.

Other news, last night's Claustrophobia went well, Raanan was a gracious host and good reader. There'll be stuff about that up at soon.

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