Tuesday, 29 October 2013


So Shane Guthrie first appeared in my life when I was about 15, he a couple years older, as part of a teen writer's group. The first thing I heard of his was a poem that scanned both backwards. He had pieces that proposed a viewpoint one way, and an opposite viewpoint the other (Christian/Atheist being my favorite, natch). For the Filthy Jerry kickstarter, he demanded a forward/backwards piece from me. It's taken me this long to write it, with some false starts and scrapped efforts (I decided it didn't need to present opposing viewpoints, but should attempt some sort of sense) and I do some fiddling with the punctuation from one version to the next. But this is the first piece of this type I've completed.

Tasty! (maybe inspired by politics. Or not.)

Saintly ,again, disappearing into water.
Turning expectations, repasting billboards
All good deeds, all charity drives, all blessed returns.
Saintly, again, rewritten histories.
Bodies, bulldozers, cremations, buyoffs.
Pitchshifted. Rebeats. Chopped, screwed.
Again, Saintliness as moving goalposts.
Stories fit headlines. Splashed page full.
Halos glowing shinier, for flashbulbs.
Searching, a finished writeup, new review.
Again, bowing. Saved great act for last.
Last for act. Great. Saved, bowing again.
Review new writeup, finished a searching.
Flashbulbs for shinier glowing halos.
Full page splashed headlines fit stories.
Goalposts moving as Saintliness, again,
Screwed, chopped. Rebeats. Pitchshifted.
Buyoffs, cremations, bulldozers, bodies.
Histories rewritten again, Saintly.
Returns blessed all, drives charity all, deeds good all
Billboards repasting expectations, turning

Water into disappearing again, Saintly.

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Aaron Burkhalter said...

Wow. That's heady. Will need to read through it again later on.