Thursday, 7 November 2013

And the hopeful predictions ending with a "womp WOMP"

Well, she didn't win. Most of the things I was hoping to pass failed, but some of the things I dreaded passing also failed, and plucky little do-gooder Mike O'Brien retains his seat on the city council, despite Seattle Times' declaration that he was "too liberal" for the city. Anyway, was bummed yesterday and Tuesday, took half a sec to scroll through my semi-active Facebook, and after about forty minutes of rant-reading, have taken to looking forward. Murray is mayor, Conlin at least had to sweat for his seat, this is the reality, it is still rainy, I still have a job I don't hate, and I've just completed a move to as close to the middle of the city as I can afford. This is day two of typing from Cafe Vita Pioneer Square, which may easily become a second living room, for as long as I'm netless in my studio.


Aaron Burkhalter said...

Conlin announced that he won't seek another term after this one.

graham said...

good. looking at his tenure from the beginning of his term on the council to most of what he did post 2009 is a lesson in power corrupting, edge loss, or whatever you want to call it.

Still, the one thing I'd say for him is that he was able to get the Minimum Density through where Licata or O'brien probably wouldn't have.