Thursday, 17 April 2014

Setting up/knocking down. Future/past tense for April

Writing for this has been a strange cycle of image generations (going around Pioneer Square taking pictures, drawing ducks wearing glasses and strange monsters) and text-writing, the occasional cribbing from older work that never found a home, older images that never found a home, or might get re-homed, and of course, stress, stress, stress. Finally got an initial text draft done, touches on:
place (duh, Graham, always you do that), my Grandpa, nightmares, epiphany, Pioneer Square, boorish conversations, weather, churches and various other things. I've got six minutes.

Before that, tomorrow I read with Arlene Kim, Laura Wachs, Michael Hodges, and Mira Kraft at one of the few recently-opened-but-not-bullshit places on Capitol Hill. Its on the theme of identity, and I'll probably bring some Lake City to the table.

not strippers (ahaaaaa! Lake City joke!) 

Beginning of the month, I went to Boulder, Co, and hung out with Elyse Brownell and Chris Shugrue, who were wonderful hosts, made me feel at home and love some Colorado. The Bouldering Poets Series was a great host reading, with one of the better open mics I've witnessed recently. 
my setlist: Love and breakfast/Perpetual States/Seeker Friendly/Ambition is Critical/Little Fear of Drowning/Rite Aid Parking Lot/Sleeps with the Fishes. I overdressed for the plane/cold and was able to take off an item or two of clothing between each poem and still have all things covered in such a way that I'd get served in most restaurants.

I did not do an encore.

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