Friday, 26 February 2010

2/22 @ Poetry Night in Bellingham

slightly late gig/reading roundup.
got a ride up with Shane and Becca Guthrie. Shane should have a feature locked down at Poetrynight pretty soon here as his availability was requested by robert.

after some wandering around boulevard park, went to Andrew Cole's for a conversation/interview where I said some things far less articulately than I meant, and will perhaps annoy people, were they to pay attention. Will post a link to that podcast once its' up.
Still. Pretty cool that there is an interview with me on a podcast.
After that met at Rudy's with Tim and Debbie and Josh and Jessa and met their new children. All those being folks I'd not seen since pre-Wales.

then to the reading. particularly strong Open Mic, with appearances by Caleb Barber, Eva Suter, Shane Guthrie, Anna Wolff, Nathan Dodge, Jake Tucker as well as the greats you've come to expect from Poetry Night. I felt good about my feature, doing the first two pieces all off-book and felt the crowd was with me for it.

Little Fear of Drowning
Ambition is Critical

Zombies and Paint Thinner
Genus, Species and Flavour
When Saying Mean Things About Strangers
Poor Sisyphus
Rugby '08
Flower Shop
Get Smart!
Flicking Ash
Lake City
Swansea-Cardiff Blues (Bellingham Ed.)

For this feature I made some broadsides of "Saying Mean Things. . ." which sold out in a flash. I think rather than focussing efforts on a New Chapbook, I'll taylor more of my merch-efforts to each specific reading. Eva requested a broadside of "Genus, Species. . ." and I could see doing one of Story Problem or Penderyn Smooth (once I get that one finished.)
Now that that gig is finished and gone well, I feel like I've aired the Wales Poems and can just write and write and write and write and write and need to, really.

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