Monday, 21 March 2011

Cheap Wine and Poetry

Went well. Seattle poet/promoter Greg Bem recorded it and you can listen to it on the internet.
I performed first, opening for Sierra Nelson, Rebecca Hoogs and Emmet Montgomery. I genuinely enjoyed everyone who read-- Emmet did a sort of genre-blurring comedy/autobio/poetry set (you could say he "gave a talk"), Rebecca read some smart, occasionally sexy "page" poetry (don't like those distinctions) and Sierra was clever but-not-smug and adorably quirky (sounds waaaay more condescending than I mean it to, but oh well.)

I apparently also now feel entitled to refer to all these folks by their first names.

Set List
Zombies and Paint Thinner
Little Fear of Drowning
Flicking Ash
Saying Mean Things About Strangers
Genus, Species and Flavour
Ambition is Critical
Rules for Riding the King County Metro

Likely the biggest reading I've done in Seattle so far. Great night.

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