Saturday, 13 April 2013

#13: Morning You Leave Drinking Game

Mind Spiders. Trotskyism in the third degree, as experienced by those still learning to read. Cold coffee.

Anticipating illness like crazy, like being crazy, like not knowing whether you'll need headphones. We must always be entertained.

A history of labor to bear up on shoulders you fly with. Wings. Which books should I take? That one requires shots.

The way that doing dishes suddenly becomes very important in the face of unpacked pants.
The way that replying to an e-mail from weeks ago is now a priority.

Perhaps this is the week of the friend cull. A history you have a week to experience.
A week to make history.

Perhaps just a few sips of beer for that. And for every time you wonder aloud just how much reading you'll do on this trip, you hate the thought of going somewhere unbooked, but how much do you do at home? Aren't you leaving because it's supposed to be more interesting?

Security check passport rigamarole.

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