Monday, 8 April 2013

#7 was posted and then redacted for personal reasons. #8: Let Us Mourn the Passing

(I utilize a Liars song title in this repetition)
A strip mall
                            the dumb in the rain
ten minutes in soggy
                                                   run quicker than
shoes don't care
                                                                            several scared cheetahs.
who you are.

A skinned cat
                                                      more than one way.
A shelled turtle.      
                                                      to rock.
A principled stand in the age of compromise.
                                                      to rise headily like

balloon                               made of cheetah pelts.
dictator                               made of poor man corpses.
nation                                 mourns its symbolics.

Ten minutes soggy
                                            the dumb in the rain
cheeks in the crowd
                                            a recovery! a recovery.
turn toward home
                                            a line at the crosswalk.

A large swaggering man, knowing the value of
turtle shells                    a well placed phrase                    balloons.
hot air
a strip mall to the poor man's corpse.

leave it to crumble
                                                       the dumb in the rain
or it will always be with us
                                                       in their tattering shoes
boots, these boots are leather, they
know who you are.

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