Thursday, 13 April 2017

13/30: Shadows of 45

The what-to-do? list.

An article about how an unlikely band of sculptors
ousted an Estonian autocrat in the early '00s, forwarded
by a friend you met twelve years ago in an attic.

This is the first from them in five years. Signed "stay strong."

The what-to-do? guilt.

First on the list, always feel guilty,
there  is never enough.

Bodies hit the floor, like in that song
you thought was funny once, full of
lead or pressed by men-cum-cyborgs
by weight of their machinery vests.

That paralyzing lilt in conversation, how
do you answer
"how are you

You just want to read your poems and eat your still-delicious
foods and-- no.
You just want to break windows and rise up and-- no.
You just want to know what you can do to help
and then your inbox is full and half the links
are viruses.

Setting aside the time
for vigilance,
the time for guard
to never
down. A week from tomorrow,
with friends at the park
with signs.

The what-to-do? Wait, every song too oblivious
or on-the-nose.

Til then, it's a bright and sunny day. nearly 80 in april.
try to enjoy it. don't think about what that means.

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Shane Guthrie said...

Uff. Yeah. Thank you for this one.