Tuesday, 4 April 2017

4/30: Orange Cascades

“In such an iconoclastic city, even the fine dining is
                Punk Rock.”

Diner rankings for the uninitiated,
                Splash dashed across
Pages, clickable meanings.
                An incisive piece of
Journalism on why we’ve yet to overtake
                Paris when it comes to omelettes.

                When I went on the “date” with the chef
From Michigan who was happy that Seattle was
                Finally Coming Up, I for a moment
Pictured myself in 24 hour sport coats, cutting small portions
                Into tiny ones, with a variety of serrated
Blades, laughing conversations about lesser airports
                of the world, all thick framed glasses and
the server’s white button down rolled up to
                Reveal their Black Flag tattoo and
Hip hop instrumentals swirling over every $200 plate.
The dueling concept of what food even means: “Has the art gone out of
Farm to table dining? Three top chefs chat about the dumbing down
Of artisan culture.”
“Five spots for lunch under $10.”
"Three cans of beans for a dollar-- coupon inside."

We went  on another date, and one aborted attempt at late night
                Paths crossing, her in her chef’s uniform,
I think our buses literally passed eachother. When she talked about
                Her plans for clams, I thought about the
Orange Soda in my fridge, and even brought it up. “What, you got it like a
                Joke? So inside. So Seattle.” Sure, I guess.

I was confused.
She held her fork like an heiress.
              But on her profile all it said was Porn, Punk, and Pizza.


James Rosenzweig said...

This is good - I like some of the details later, when there is another person to act as a catalyst / interlocutor. Seattle needs some chroniclers right now, and more than a few prophets. I think you're writing your way to a collection that does both.

graham said...

Thanks James. This is my fave of 30/30 so far.

Shane Guthrie said...

Yeah, this one I like too. Imagining you dating a haute couture chef also amuses me as a concept.